The Benefits of Offset Printing in Centerport, NYC

benefits of offset printing

Offset printing is an economical and effective option for high-quality large-run projects in Centerport, NYC. Once the initial setup cost has been covered, offset printing becomes cost effective and highly efficient.

Digital printing offers many benefits, but when jobs require unique paper stocks or special textures the offset method provides better options. Below are some key benefits of offset printing.


Offset printing’s upfront costs may be greater than those associated with digital, but its per-unit costs become increasingly lower as the volume grows. Since offset uses a single plate for multiple copies, you can print large runs at lower costs per copy.

Offset printing gives you the flexibility of using custom-mixed inks for maximum color fidelity and consistency in your project. Plus, this method of printing makes an ideal solution for projects requiring high-definition images with intricate details.

But many projects do not require large runs of 500 or more pieces to complete successfully. In these smaller jobs, digital printing may be more suitable. Digital printers do not use plates but instead utilize options like toner or liquid ink printing technology – as well as variable data printing capability which enables each printed piece to have an individual code, name or address printed into its printing piece.

High-Quality Printing

Offset printing employs an old-school photo-engraving method with aluminum plates to print pages. Modern computer-to-plate (CTP) systems use digital files as source material to prepare page designs quickly and cost-effectively using CTP systems; this ensures identical prints by eliminating imbalances between ink and water which may cause images to fade over time.

After etching the metal plate, its surface becomes hydrophilic in certain spots and hydrophobic elsewhere, so when ink is applied it collects in those hydrophobic spots while repelling water in other spots for precise images on paper.

Offset printers use Pantone colors when printing, providing more precise color matches than digital. Offset is ideal if you require high-quality full-color pieces. However, for low-volume tasks like business cards or brochures digital may prove more cost-effective.

Variety of Surfaces

Works on various surfaces such as paper, metal, wood, plastic and rough paper to produce unique business cards, brochures and marketing collateral.

Modern offset printing machines use three rotating cylinders to print. The first cylinder holds your design image. The second, covered with rubber blankets that absorb ink from plates to paper; and finally an impression cylinder presses paper against inked plates.

Offset printing’s use of etched metal plates allows for greater color fidelity than digital prints due to standard inks that do not match Pantone colors exactly; even though digital printers are improving at this, using custom mixed inks still provides superior color accuracy.


Offset printing in Centerport, NYC allows for an array of inks, papers and finishes – enabling businesses to craft unique products that stand out from competitors.

Offsetting offers more color choices than digital printing; for example, if you need to match Pantone (r) colors exactly, offset printing may be your best bet.

However, digital printing may be your better choice if you require quick and low-quantity prints as it doesn’t require plates to setup; therefore reducing initial setup costs.

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Understanding the differences between digital and offset printing can help you decide which method is the most effective option for your business or project. Offset printing is best used when producing larger volumes, high-quality work and projects that require accuracy and consistency – this is worth any extra upfront investment when considering its benefits, such as increased return on investment, longer durability and increased brand visibility.